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How to request the Status?

The student who intends to request the Status of Student with Special Educational Needs (SSEN), should address the Graduate Area (Alameda) or the Human and Academic Resources Management Area (Taguspark) to start the process, preferably at the beginning of the academic year. However, the request can be made at any time. The recognition of the status may be permanent or temporary.

To apply for status, it is necessary to indicate the student’s condition and the type of accommodation needed. For conditions considered to be permanent, the request is made only once, and the status remains valid for all of the student’s academic years. The support may be periodically reviewed according to the student’s needs and taking into account the need for improvement, considering the student´ experience in former academic years.

To formalize the request it is necessary to submit the following documents:

  • Written request using an appropriate form;
  • Documentary evidence (clinical report, medical certificate and/or other documents that makes proof of the student’s condition and its consequences on his/her academic performance).*

This process is managed in total confidentiality and reserve: the medical documentation and all the information provided by the student is not made accessible to third parties and it is not disclosed to the teaching staff. This status is not recorded in the student’s final course documentation (diploma or certificate). The status only serves to formalize the support the students need and to which they are entitled.

*Besides other places you might know about, you can also take psychological evaluations in the following places:

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