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Who are we?

GENEE is composed of members of several Services and Boards of IST, and also of individual members of Técnico Lisboa, particularly:

  • Representative of the Graduate Area – Lídia Silva (responsible for supporting the SEN students at the Alameda campus)
  • Representative of the Taguspark Student Support – Carla Boura (responsible for supporting the SEN students at Taguspark campus)
  • Alameda Student Support Centre Representatives (NAPE) – Carolina Ferreira and Ana Marques
  • Academic Development Office (NDA) Representatives – Isabel Gonçalves, Rita Wahl and Patrícia Simões
  • Faculty Representatives – Ana Moura Santos (DM) and Hugo Nicolau (DEI)
  • Student Representatives with SEN status – Alano Silva (MEAero), Alexandre Oliveira (MBioNano), David Duque, Henrique Vinagre (LEIC) and Rui Costa (LEIC)
  • Representative of the Association of Students of Instituto Superior Técnico (AEIST) – António Costa (MEQ)
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