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What are the projects?

GENEE is developing several projects, for the academic community of Técnico Lisboa, in order to promote the improvement of physical, digital, social and psychological accessibility.

The collaborations with students and student groups can be done through voluntary participation in the projects that are in operation and through support in the development of new ideas within the scope of Special Education Needs (SEN).

If you have an idea/suggestion you would like to develop, please send an e-mail to:

Teaching to Teach Project (EaE)

The aim of the Teaching to Teach project is to provide training, information and awareness-raising for the academic community and the general public on the theme of inclusion and SEN. It is a collaborative project, carried out by GENEE and the Special Educational Needs Network of the University of Lisbon (Rede NEE). The working team comprises members from the various Schools of the University of Lisbon.

This project consists of a set of tutorial videos, which are divided into three series:

  • The first series, entitled “The University of Lisbon is for ALL” – collection of informative videos about inclusion and accessibility at the ULisboa and its component Schools;
  • The second series, entitled – “How to practice Inclusion” – a collection of information and awareness videos on myths and facts about SEN;
  • The third series, entitled – “Let’s understand the…” – collection of training videos on the various specific conditions (represented in greater number at ULisboa) and how to act in the classroom context.

The videos will be available on the NEE Network platform and on the platforms of all ULisboa schools.

IST Inclusive Library (BIIST)

The BIIST project aims to improve the Técnico Library, in issues of physical and digital accessibility, training for librarians and the creation of inclusive study spaces, containing specialized equipment and support software.

The project is divided in three parts:

  • Completion of a questionnaire to obtain data on the profile of students with SEN who attend the Técnico Library. The most relevant information will be introduced in a general questionnaire that will be sent to the whole school, about the profile of the library user. This data will be the guideline for the work to be developed in the project.
  • The construction of a checklist – a tool that will detail all the areas and points to be implemented in the new library.
  • Implementation of the measures adopted in the project.
Augmented Digital Diary

Project carried out in the scope of a Master’s Thesis, consisting of the construction and development of an application on well-being for students with SEN and students who have psycho-pedagogical support.


This project is being developed in collaboration with the Technology Transfer Area and aims to create a communication channel between students with SEN and potential employers.

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