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Graduate Area

The Graduation Department’s mission is to manage and instruct the processes of 1st and 2nd study cycle students at Técnico Lisboa, from the moment they enter until they get their degree, ensuring the collection and maintenance of all essential data that contributes to an efficient academic management and high standards of rigor and quality.


The Student Support Unit (NAPE) is a central service, integrated in the Communication, Image and Marketing Area (ACIM) of the Management Board, and its mission is to promote the integration of Técnico Lisboa students, supporting and developing projects that contribute to: academic success, skills development and for an effective involvement of the academic community. NAPE is also responsible for bringing Técnico Lisboa closer to pre-university students, stimulating interest in Science and disseminating its training offer, prioritizing personalized service and monitoring. The areas of action are the following:

  • Welcoming and Integration of Técnico Lisboa new students of 1st Year, 2nd Cycle and of international mobility programs (ERASMUS, InnoEnergy, ATHENS, among others), accompanying the first steps of these students, specially in the registration process during the Welcome Week or Orientation Week, also promoting the Mentor Program, as a peer support program.
  • Promotion of Técnico to potential candidates, making known Técnico Lisboa’s training offer, infrastructures and support, extracurricular activities and projects and the various entrance exams. During the curricular year, the team makes Visits to Secondary Schools and Vocational Education and Training Fairs, also receiving students in Técnico Lisboa, in Individual or Group School Visits or events and open days. The Técnico Lisboa Dissemination Program also has the Técnico Ambassadors Program, so that it can provide the best support to those who want to choose to study at Técnico Lisboa, transmitting as much information as possible for autonomous and well-founded decision making.
  • Development of technical and transversal skills to complement the training that Técnico Lisboa students acquire in their course. Recurrent examples are training actions in hard-skills, workshops on tools such as Matlab, Excel, Latex, Illustrator, Python, or work methodologies such as Lean, Scrum. Time Management, Pitch, Leadership, Job Interviews, are topics covered in workshops focused on soft-skills, with room for other topics such as Healthy Cooking, Debate, Financial Markets, IRS and Taxes, among many others. The NAPE Skills Factory is the main initiative in this area, along with the training/workshops for Mentors, Ambassadors, Guides, and Summer Monitors at ULisboa, which include several of the topics mentioned in the context of their respective programs.
  • Accompaniment and Support of candidates, students and Técnico alumni in issues related to entry and experience at the university, through reception at the Central Pavilion (Alameda campus), telephone service, via email and social networks. Academic procedures, Técnico Lisboa functioning, applications, events and activities, are part of the portfolio of information provided daily, as well as the referral of students to the correct support services. Together with other Técnico Lisboa structures, Students with Special Educational Needs (ENEE) also benefit from NAPE’s support in their academic path.
  • Promotion of Science among students from Elementary and Secondary Schools and Senior Universities, raising interest for science and seeking to stimulate scientific thinking. Along with the dissemination of Técnico Lisboa, NAPE is also responsible for showing what is done in the areas of Engineering, Architecture, Science and Technology to these target audiences, with activities such as Summer at ULisboa, Engineers for a Day, Engineering Challenges (junior and senior), as well as laboratory experiments or demonstrations at schools, fairs or events, made possible by protocols established with various entities such as municipalities, the schools themselves, public bodies and associations, signed each academic year.
  • Support to Técnico Lisboa and ULisboa institutional events, such as ceremonies, conferences, celebrations, cultural events, being examples the Graduation Day, Técnico Day, Alumni Talks, Técnico Music Season or the Opening of the Academic Year of ULisboa.

“The Academic Development Office is responsible for developing teaching and learning strategies and dynamics that increase the academic development of students and the career development of IST teachers and researchers, namely through the generalized implementation of coaching, mentoring and tutoring practices, in alignment with the activity plan of IST Scientific and Pedagogical Councils.” Scope of action of the NDA, as published in DR, 2nd series, no. 32 of February 14, 2017.

Currently the NDA is responsible for the development of several activities addressed to students and teachers/researchers of Técnico Lisboa. The main activities for students are:

  • Tutoring Program – If you are a 1st/2nd year student, you will be assigned a tutor, a teacher from your course, with whom you can meet throughout the semester to obtain some guidance on how the course and school work. If you are on your 3rd registration, or later, you can request a tutor under the On-Demand Tutoring Program. More information here.
  • Academic Coaching – Consists of individual meetings where you can clarify your questions and it can be an occasional service or a regular follow-up. Some areas of activity are: Special Educational Needs, Prescription, Time Management, Goal Setting, Academic Performance, Dissertations, Change of Course, Social Support, among others. More information here.
  • Scholarships – The Instituto Superior Técnico in partnership with some sponsors have created scholarships aimed at supporting students with academic potential who, due to socioeconomic need, do not have the means to pay for the financial costs of their studies. More information here.
  • Training – The NDA promotes training courses and workshops for students, in the area of soft skills, also called professional, given their centrality for the academic and professional success of Técnico Lisboa graduates. Some of these trainings occur in the scope of collaboration with curricular units, or in the scope of partnerships with student groups, and others are specific and developed and/or updated each academic year by the NDA team, in response to the needs identified by the students. More information here.
Student Support – Taguspark

The mission of the Student Support Office, of the Taguspark Campus, is to promote academic integration and provide psycho-pedagogical support to students, supporting all kinds of initiatives that contribute to an effective involvement of the academic community of the School. This mission is integrated in the general objectives of NAPE, which can be found above. The areas of activity are:

  • Ingress and Reception, Student Support and Mentors have an active participation in the process of enrollment and registration of new students, providing them with all the necessary support and follow-up in their first steps at Técnico Lisboa.
  • Integration and Accompaniment, particularly of new students, mobility students, among other students joining Técnico Lisboa for the first time, through the implementation of the Mentor Program.
  • Academic Development and Neurolinguistic Coaching, promotion of academic success through psycho-pedagogical support and neurolinguistic coaching.
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN), support in opening the process for acquiring the ENEE status. Connection between SEN students and teaching staff. Monitoring of students with SEN throughout their academic career.
  • Mobility Students, Reception and integration of Incoming students, support and information to Outgoing students.
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